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When: Friday, September 20

Where: Ventura First United Methodist Church

Meeting: 9:00 AM Board, 10:00AM General Meeting and Program


Overview for the year (activities, programs & directory).  The directory and information for all the years’ activities will be handed out.  We will also take a group photo today, so come dressed with your best smile!  Please plan to be here for this important meeting.  


Hello PV-VC Branch members.  Many hours of preparation have been put into this coming year’s programs and festivals and we hope you benefit greatly from everything we have to offer.  I look forward to seeing all of you at the September meeting where we will give an overview of the year’s activities.  This is an important session and can really help prepare you for the upcoming school year.  Come hear what we have to say.  Hope to see you all then!  ~Lily Starobinets


I am looking forward to the September meeting as I always do. It makes me feel like it's a new beginning for us and our students. I am starting to purchase music and pull some interesting selections off my own shelf as well. It's fun to pick just the right piece for a student.  It's also a lot of work that we do this time of year planning for all of the festivals and the CM program. But that’s what dedicated teachers do.

At the September meeting each program chair will speak and explain each program and answer questions that you may have.  You will also received the new Directory that gives you all of those important dates to remember and mark on your calendar. We will also have some very interesting and informative teacher meetings this year.  Please note that most meetings, but not all, will be on the third Friday of the month. 

This will be the first year our branch will have the Peter Yazbeck Scholarship Audition. Read about it in detail in our directory.

We will be having a new BRANCH PICTURE taken at 10:00am at the general meeting. We would love to have all of you in this picture. Wear your best smile.

Our Board meetings begin at 9:00am and our General meetings begin at 10:00am.  All are invited to attend both.

If you have a change of address, phone number, or email address, please let Niccole Modell, our Vice President know. She is almost ready to send the new Directory to print.  See you at the meeting.   

~Beverly Schmidt


Branch Studio Recitals are set up so that PV-VC MTAC teachers may use the First United Methodist Church for personal studio recitals at a reduced rate.  The branch will reserve the church.  A minimum of three teachers must participate on each date for the event to take place.  The participating teachers may reserve as many hours as they need or share a recital with other teachers if only a few students are playing.  Participating teachers will divide costs proportionately (use fees including deposit) and may use the parlor for refreshments.

Branch Recital Dates

October 26 – Saturday

December 14 –Saturday

February 1 – Saturday                   

June 21 – Saturday         

When times are reserved, please send a check ($40 per hour) payable to PV-VC MTAC immediately to Nicole A. Burns within two days of reservation.  All reservations must be paid no later than Friday, October 18, 2013.  This is non-refundable.  You may exchange within the branch or forfeit.  There must be a minimum of 5 hours reserved per date or reservation of branch recital will be canceled.  A waitlist for dates and times will be accepted.

Strict guidelines have been established for pristine condition of the sanctuary and parlor.  Teachers must sign agreements of condition upon arrival and departure.  There will be penalties, both financial and denied future privileges, if any messes are left, including pews (cards, pencils, hymnals, and registration books), restrooms or parlor.

Instructions for registering, please visit: