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· June 12, 2021 - Saturday. SCHOLARSHIP AUDITIONS. Home of Lily Starobinets.

· June 18, 2021 - Friday. Board/general planning meetings for 2022.

· June 21, 2021. ASCAP Deadline!  Two Copies of all Personal Studio Recitals and Branch Festival Programs must be given to Hiromi Tilsner for ASCAP submission.

· July 2 - July 5, 2021.  Virtual MTAC Convention.  Pay convention fees online through your teacher portal. 

· July 31.  Deadline to renew MTAC membership for 2021-22. 


WHEN: Friday, June 18, 9:00AM (board).  10:00am general meeting—planning for 2021-22. This is date is different from what was published in the annual directory.  Please note the new date!


Our June meeting is coming soon! Our hard-working board has put together a plan for the coming year. During the June Meeting, we will continue working on the dates and programs for upcoming 2021-2022 year. Please join us via ZOOM, as we truly value your input and suggestions. If you cannot attend the meeting, please feel free to email me with ideas and suggestions.

Please remember to pay your membership dues and report any new address, phone number, or email address to the state office so that the new directory can be updated. 

If you have any personal-recital or MTAC programs from 2020-2021 year, please email them to Hiromi. We need to send them to the State Office per our ongoing every-member agreement with ASCAP.

The CM Certificates and Medallions have finally been mailed to me from the State Office. I will send an email to all CM teachers, once I receive them and have them ready for pick-up.

I wish you all a happy, safe, and fun summer. 


Congratulations to all the SCJBF Region l Winners and their teachers!  Siliana will let teachers know when medals, ribbons and comment sheets are available for pickup. 

—David Kwon, Tarilyn Huang, Isaac Choi, Analisa Cheng, Isla Feng, Charles Higgins-Yi, Aiden Um (Sharon Kim)

—Nathan Yuan (Lily Starobinets)

2021 Regional Festival winners who meet the repertoire requirements will be eligible to compete in the Complete Works Audition on Sunday, October 3, 2021. More information on how these auditions will be held and when the CWA student fees will be due is going to become available in July 2021.     


1. Short Preludes and Fugues, Various Dance Movements, Inventions and Sinfonias, Preludes and Fugues WTC Bk. I and II, Short Various Works (Cat. X) Duets and Organ: $50. 

2. French and English Suites, Partitas, Toccatas, Longer Various Works (Cat. XI), Goldberg Variations, Italian Concerto, Sonatas, Chromatic Fantasy, and Fugue, and Keyboard Concertos: $55. 


All teachers who had  in-person or virtual recitals between June 2020-May 2021 need to send two copies of their programs to Hiromi Tilsner by June 21.  She will be sending them to the state office.  If you held a virtual recital,  two typed copies of the program titles and composers are sufficient.