Festival Enrollment


             This year's Holiday Festival will be held on Saturday, November 13, 2021 at the First United Methodist Church in Ventura. The theme for this year’s festival is "Celebrating Nature.”

             Repertoire: ONE memorized piece no longer than 4 minutes according to the theme – "Celebrating Nature". All compositions written for the original instrument and all levels are eligible. As in all our branch recitals, NO REPEATS, D.C. is okay. One movement of a sonata/sonatina is allowed. Piano entries are limited to original works, no lesson/method books. No duplicate pieces within a studio will be permitted. Entries must be 16 measures minimum - all others are subject to variance committee approval. If you have questions about exceptions, phone Tyler Carlisle.

              All entries must be submitted via email to carlislemusicstudio@gmail.com  (See application link below.)  Registration Deadline: Saturday, October 8, 2021.

2021 Holiday Festival Application

2021 Holiday Festival Guidelines

             The $25.00 fee per student is also due at this time. Please write one check per teacher, made payable to PV-VC MTAC, and mail to: Tyler Carlisle.   Your registration is not complete until your check is received. It is your responsibility to make sure your students and parents have read and signed the PV-VC MTAC Branch Recital Guidelines forms. You may send these to Tyler by mail or email.

             Any exceptions to these rules must be approved prior to completing your application. If you have any questions, please email Tyler Carlisle. To promote fairness, any irregular entries will be screened by the Board of Directors.


             The REGIONAL branch Bach Festival for pianists will be held on Saturday, May 14, 2022. The location will be the First United Methodist Church, 1338 East Santa Clara in Ventura. Entry forms are available online at www.scjbf.org and fees are due to Sharon Kim ($25.00 fee per student, check made payable to "PV-VC MTAC") by Saturday, March 16, 2019. If you need help with the website registration process, please direct your questions to Sharon.  Applications for the String recitals and the Wind & Voice recitals are also available.  The Regional Honors Festival for piano students will be held at the First United Methodist Church, 1338 East Santa Clara in Ventura. The date for the Regional Honors Festival and Complete Works auditions are TBD.


The Baroque Festival is open to students of all instruments and levels.  The event will be adjudicated and 50% of performers will be chosen as winners and will receive a special seal on their participation certificates.

—Repertoire Requirements: 

       ---Any Baroque piece (or one movement of a piece) can be performed by Pianists, Winds, Strings, or Voice.   (Music must be memorized, with the exception of wind students). 

        ---16 measures minimum

        ---No repeats (except D.C.)

         ---Pianists must play original works, no arrangements.  Other instruments and voice may use transcriptions and arrangements.

         ---Time limit is 4 minutes (for exceptions, contact festival chair)

 —Baroque Festival Date: Saturday, April 9, 2022. Morning only

—Application Due Date: Saturday, March 4, 2021.

--Entry Fee:  $25.00 per student

Festival Chair: Sharon Kim         

How to Enroll:

• Teachers complete the application form in Excel (see link below), and send one check per teacher to the festival chair.  Applications must be emailed and payments postmarked by the deadline above.  Save the application with the teacher’s name, and include all information in the Excel file (not in the body of your email).  Paper applications will not be accepted.  

 Baroque Festival Application

• Entry fee is $25.00 per student (non-refundable).  Make check payable to “PV-VC MTAC,” and mail to Sharon Kim.

•  Parents must submit online consent to our Recital Guidelines.


The 2022 Ensemble Festival Application available here:  2022 Ensemble Festival
Please note the APPLICATION DEADLINE IS MARCH 1 to accommodate t-shirt orders! Please be sure to have all your sizing in by that time. We will be putting all our student performer names on the back of the t-shirts this year so please be sure to have correct spellings.
We will be featuring our 2020 winner on the t-shirt this year! So the t-shirt competition is suspended for 2022. 
Fees: $25 per student which includes the t-shirt for student performers. Extra shirts for adults $12 each.
Please make out one check per teacher, to PV-VC MTAC and mail to Tara Wallace, 470 W Highland Dr. Camarillo, CA 93010.