Festival Descriptions


Each Holiday Season a theme is chosen for a festival in which gold, silver, and bronze medals are awarded for the performance of one piece.  Students perform memorized solos following the annual theme and receive feedback from three adjudicators.  Medals are awarded based on the quality of preparation.  Students strive to earn gold medals and in doing so achieve a high performance standard, presenting a polished and musically engaging work.


•  Students perform one piece (or one movement of a piece) by a Baroque composer.
•  All levels and all instruments / vocal categories are eligible to participate.
•  This is a judged event in recital format.
•  50% of students will be selected by the judges as winners, and they will receive a winner’s seal on their certificates.
•  The Baroque Festival and SCJBF (Bach Festival) event will both be held on the same day.  The Baroque Festival will be in the morning, and SCJBF in the afternoon.  One student may enter both festivals, but the teacher needs to complete the applications separately, and each festival has its own fee.


To celebrate the music of J.S. Bach, an annual festival is held in which participants plan an original work by memory.  It is open to keyboard, instrumental, and vocal students.  There are three rounds of adjudications.

·        Branch: three judges can select up to 50% of participants with eligible repertoire who have combined scores of 270 or higher to advance to the Regional Festival in Ventura. Besides keyboard, selected wind, string, and voice students perform in a separate Regional in Los Angeles. Other works by Baroque composers as well as works from the Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook are permitted, but not eligible to advance.

·        Regional: three judges select 45% of participants to advance to the Complete Works Auditions.

·        Complete Works Audition: This is the most competitive adjudication for the selected participants to perform a complete work from the list of Bach’s works selected for the audition.

For more information, visits the Southern California Junior Bach Festival: www.scjbf.org


This annual festival focuses on the joy of creating music together.  There is no adjudication and there are no formal repertoire requirements.  Students prepare a piece written for two or more musicians.  They perform with other students or alongside their teachers.  Students often dress in costumes that reflect the character of the work performed.  A t-shirt design contest is also associated with this festival.  The winning designer receives a cash prize and their design is printed on t-shirts which every festival participant receives.  

2019 Ensemble Festival T-Shirt Design